Recent projects

The wide range of projects Delta undertakes makes selecting highlights challenging - two recent projects that have made observable differences to environmental outcomes in the SA coastal zone are described below. A full register of our projects can be accessed here.

Salisbury’s coast:

Biodiversity status, risks and opportunities in the coastal zone of the City of Salisbury

A three-volume briefing paper which outlined the biodiversity status of the City’s coastal zone and that identified current and potential future risks and opportunities. The briefing paper was used to inform decision making processes for the City and other stakeholders responsible for managing the coast between North Arm Creek and St Kilda. December 2020.

Road footprint over topography of saltmarsh

Thornbills, samphires and saltmarsh tipping points

A report on an investigation into sea level rise mediated changes to the saltmarsh habitat of the vulnerable samphire thornbill, in Gulf St Vincent and elsewhere. May 2017.

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