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Delta Environmental Consulting (ABN 59 167 105 261) is an independent South Australian consulting business.We offer professional consulting services including the design and modelling of solar saltfields and evaporation basins, biological and operational advice for solar salt facilities, sampling, monitoring and discharge monitoring programmes for waterways, tidal areas, saline lakes and wetlands, assessment of revegetation projects, flora and fauna biodiversity surveys of terrestrial, shallow aquatic (fresh, brackish and haline) and stygian habitats, site environmental surveys, GIS habitat change assessments, land use histories, enterprise carbon footprinting, compliance audits and research programs.

Delta Environmental Consulting has a policy of continuous improvement in the areas of :

  • Providing a quality product to our clients,
  • Providing ongoing training and development opportunities for our consultants (we have InSkill SA certification),
  • Maintaining high standards in the areas of health, safety and the environment both within Delta and while working with our clients.
Delta contributes to Wikibooks and Wiki Commons  

Delta contributes meteorological data to the Weather Underground. See the current conditons & forecast here in St Kilda, South Australia. And download historic data.

Delta was awarded the 2008 Family Business Australia award for a South Australian First Generation business  
Delta staff are members of the Hydrological Society of South Australia and the Royal Society of South Australia  
Delta staff are members of the international Society of Limnology (SIL) , and the International Society for Salt Lake Research (ISSLR)  
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