TEST METHOD: Spectrophotometry

Updated: 30 May 2007 (additional information on data transfer)


Assess the Quality, Safety and Environmental risks of each step.


A wide variety of analyses may be conducted on the Vega Spectrophotometer. The machine has methods incorporated in it, and may also be programmed for further analyses by the operator.


Safety boots are mandatory

Observe the requirements of the Chemical Hygiene Plan

Use appropriate PPE.




General use of the Vega:

Turn on at least twenty minutes prior to use

If you shut the lid, the machine turns off and requires another twenty minute warm up prior to use.
Leave the lid open throughout an analytical run.
Use installed methods where these exist.
Methods vary in requirements.
Installed methods have the full standard operating procedures provided by the manufacturer.
Analyse at least one blank per analytical run and one standard sample as requested by the QA function built-in to the machine.
Which standard shall I use?
All the methods in the machine have a listed standard for use with that method. Look up the method in the manufacturer's handbook to determine which standard (and how much of it) to use. User-defined methods are recorded on loose leaves in the folder, and include details of standards.
Standard analyses for QA/QC purposes are recorded within the spectrophotometer's memory, as are analytical results for samples.
See the Vega manual for instructions on using the Merck MultiAchat software to download data from the Vega to the laboratory PC.
Undertake photometer and method QA checks as specified in the manual, when prompted by the Vega.
How shall I record the checks?
The machine records the date of checks internally, and uses this to set the reminders it displays.

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