Laboratory Method Bibliographies

Revised: 26 February 2003 (US EPA moved sites)

Laboratory methods are available from reference manuals in the laboratory, on CDROM and on-line, as well as the specific methods included in this manual (Contents). Further assistance is available in Field and Test Methods. This bibliography is not meant to be exhaustive, only indicative.

Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater (St Kilda bookcase)
CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics (St Kilda bookcase)
Australian Laboratory Handbook of Soil and Water Methods (St Kilda bookcase)
Colorimetric Chemical Analytical Methods (St Kilda bookcase)
Guidelines for the Laboratory Analysis of Contaminated Soils (St Kilda bookcase)
SW-846 US EPA Test Methods for Evaluating Solid Waste - Chemical and Physical Methods (CDROM in St Kilda CDROM files)
US EPA Solid Waste Test Methods
US EPA Test Methods(search for laboratory QA, standard operating procedures etc as well as field methods)
US EPA Environmental Test Methods
Nutrient Analysis Manual
General Laboratory Methods
Plankton and macroinvertebrate identification: assorted volumes in bookcases (St Kilda bookcase)

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