Equipment list for field trips

Modified: 10 February 2013 (fieldwork bus details added)

All personnel are advised to wear hats and sun protection. Ensure adequate drinking water is available throughout the field trip.

Field trips may either be day trips or longer expeditions. If longer, accommodation may be in hotels, cabins or camping.

Choose the appropriate sections from the list below for the type of field trip. Remember that these lists are INDICATIVE not exhaustive. Analyse your project carefully to determine what additional equipment you will require.

Camping equipment:

Camp cooking (tent):

Camp cooking (fieldwork bus):

Day supplies:

General field gear that should be in the vehicle:

Field and camp clothing (choose for probable tasks, store in soft bags or on shelves of fieldwork bus, or in camp boxes):

Basic gear for daypacks (some items may come from basic vehicle gear):

In sample pack for each site:

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