Revised 3 June 2002


Assess Safety, Health, Quality and Environmental aspects of each specific step.


The discharge of substances into the marine, intertidal or salt lake environment is subject to government regulation in each jurisdiction. Saltfields usually hold a licence to discharge the bitterns left after the extraction of salt. The licence may have are various requirements and conditions which span a period of several years and are usually a prerequisite to continuation of the licence. This monitoring program is designed to meet the requirements of an approved bitterns discharge monitoring program.


Safety boots are mandatory.

Someone in the client's company needs to take responsibility for ensuring licence conditions are met.  Busy people forget things Endeavour to have the main requirements incorporated into that person's computer scheduler, or the client's quality system.
For each discharge from a saltfield the following shall be recorded where possible:
  • Date
  • Location
  • Temperature-corrected SG
  • Source (crystalliser) and area of crystalliser
  • Pump, Pump Rate and Pumping Time
  • Depth of brine in crystalliser before and after draining.
 Data may be lost A spreadsheet can be used that calculates the volume and salt content of each discharge. It needs the area of any runoff crystallisers included. Brine operators enter data directly into this spreadsheet, which can be provided to the regulating authority.
As many bitterns samples as required shall be collected for analysis, as per the requirements of the regulatory authority. Results shall be filed with the discharge licence in the client's main office. Infrequent samples are difficult to remember. Schedule a reminder on the responsible person's computer.
Sampling shall proceed as specified in Collecting, Preparing, Storing and Transporting Samples. When taking samples of bitterns, the collection container shall be rinsed in the sample stream before collecting a sample.    
The bottle shall be marked with the time and location of sampling.    
The operator shall fill out a chain of custody form for each sample. The forms shall be filed by the responsible person.    
On the request of the regulatory authority the test results from the samples and the record of discharges shall be printed and forwarded to the authority.    

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