Equipment Register

Revised: 20 May 2017 (removed defunct and added new items, noted transfers to and from EcoProTem)

All items with serial numbers are identified here. When equipment (>$300 value) that has no serial number is identified, it shall be recorded in here and some form of identification (SA and drivers licence number, or Delta Environmental Consulting) shall be permanently applied to the item.

Category Description Serial Number
Camera gear 1 tripod n/a
  Panasonic Lumix semi-SLR digital camera sn:A6SS02174R
  Pentax K10 digital SLR camera and microscope attachments sn: 2838666
Communications 1 x iPhone 4S, 16GB IMEI:013042005715708 sn:C38H1M99DT9Y
  Assorted wireless and wired phone handsets n/a
Computing equipment HP mini netbook (model 110-3627TU) for field work sn: 5CB112000T
  1x Dell laptop, docking station and separate DVD drive for office

Service Tag 2557YZ1

  BenQ and AOC flat screen monitors AOC flat screen 2436Vwh sn:AKQB3HA013495; BenQ flat screen Q7C4 sn:ETG5509937SLO T
  HP mini netbook (model 110-3744TU) for laboratory sn:5CB1221MSG
  Canoscan lide 25 scanner sn: FB6-7200-DB01-02
  Brother MFC-L8600CDW scanner/printer sn: E73373B7J384214
  Small items; ADSL modem and firewall system, wireless and cabled network hubs, USB hubs etc n/a
  Wacom Sapphire CTE-630 graphic tablet sn: 3KZ033354
  2 X iPad mini tablet devices for field work sn: DLXLM0QGFH12, sn:
Field gear Horiba U-10 Water Checker sn: 606046
  1 x Hanna Instruments HI8733 Conductivity meter sn: 999753
  1 x Hanna Instruments HI8424 pH meter sn: 1191739
  Field hydrometer/thermometer kits, assorted n/a
  TPS pocket EC meter sn: 317
  Binoculars, assorted n/a
  Ciel bat detector model CDB105 sn: 1050130mo
  Digital recorder, Sony ICD-B17 V-O-R sn: 424103
  Global Water Electronic flow meter for streams, model FP101 sn: 42591
  Citizen Ecodrive Diving watch model 280183 sn: 7828-H09971 TA GN-4W-UL
  Garmin ETREX global positioning system sn: 1DG017819
  Assorted nets (plankton, dip, D, kick) n/a
  Pogostick soil corer n/a
  Assorted nylex tanks n/a
Safety gear Fire extinguishers (x3) n/a
  Vehicle oil spill clean up kit n/a
  Vehicle tool kit n/a
  SPOT-2 personal tracker  
  Hi-vis safety cones, men working signs n/a
  First aid kits - to AS2675 (x 3 - lab, office, vehicle) n/a
  Battery powered flashing safety bollard n/a
  WorkZone Safety road traffic control signage n/a
  Safety PPE - overalls, hi-vis vests, safety & sun glasses, hard hats, laboratory PPE, field gear n/a
Lab equipment 2 sets NATA calibrated masses sn: 10304; sn:6903
  AND Analytical balance sn: J8020046
  AND Analytical balance - 4 decimal place sn: 123101188
  BHD Laboratory Spill Kit n/a
  Bioanalytical Systems benchtop centrifuge, 6 place, model MFC sn: 416
  Breville fan forced convection oven model CVN30 n/a
  Merck incubator, model 13311 sn: 102748
  Merck Vega 400 Spectrophotometer sn:
  Merk TR300 Thermoreactor sn: 01290018
  Merck UV lamp model 13203 n/a
  Sarstedt DESAGA GS100 Microbial air sampler sn: 02197
  Chateau oven sn: 100325
  Daewoo variable wattage microwave oven model KOR6305 sn: KJ93DA0787
  Hach arsenic testing kit cat no 2800000 lot n: A3076
  Javac vacumn pump model DD40 sn: B01316
  Laboratory glassware and plastic ware - assorted n/a
  Lovibond natural waters testing kit (Delta kit) with 2 x comparators, multiple disks sn: 422940
  Maggylamp sn: 2141
  Namco pressure cooker n/a
  Oxitop IS6 complete BOD system (including induction stirrer, 6 bottles, 6 oxitops etc) sn: 00130022
  Palintest complete pool test mobile lab kit n/a
  IDEXX Quantitray sealer unit, model 2X sn: 02139
  RemediAid TPH mobile kit for testing oil in soils, incl AZUR A9310 meter sn: 225483
  Salter electronic scale sn: N1932
  Sartorius filter system, type SM 16510/11 (x2) n/a
  Spectroline E series ultraviolet lamp (Spectronic Corp) sn: 1103322
  Thermo regulated envirochamber for BOD etc n/a
  Thermoline incubator, Type 42300, 142320 sn: 423980382726
  Tyler sieves assorted many serial numbers
  3 x Viscometers, each engraved with its calibration co-efficient n/a
  Winchester transporter (cane) n/a
  Refrigerator, HiSense sn: H9C10300BIB
Microscopes Nikon SMZ10A dissecting scope on diascopic stand sn: 137309
  Nikon Eclipse E600 research scope sn: 771237
  Nikon drawing tube attachment for SMZ10A, model MNB25400 sn: 240347
  Nikon camera tube attachment for SMZ10A, custom made n/a
  Kaiser Bass digital microscope for field use (attaches to netbooks) sn KBA03030000934
  Olympus VE-3 field dissecting microscope sn: J56007
  Olympus CHS compound microscope (transferred to EcoProTem) sn: 4M0273
  Olympus drawing attachment for the CHS, model BHZ-DA (transferred to EcoProTem) sn: 305047
  Olympus camera attachment for the CHS (OM system adapter) (transferred to EcoProTem) n/a
Maintenance Assorted non-powered handtools (hammers, pliers, nails, screwdrivers etc) n/a
  Battery charger for 12 volt vehicle batteries n/a
  Cordless drill n/a
  Sander n/a
Nursery & revegetation gear Hand tools (pottiputke, rakes, spades, shovels, mattocks, picks, hoes, hedge shears, secateurs, trowels, water cans, pots & stands) n/a
Office equipment Carl A3 rolling cutter model DC-230(A3) sn: 301178 stamped underneath
  Epson data projector, model EMP-S1 (transferred to EcoProTem) sn: FCNG370726F
  Fellowes confetti cut shredder PS8OC-2 sn: 36180-71 (inside)
  Ibico ibibaby binding machine sn: 167967
  Jastek A3 laminator model A3R n/a
  Map magnifiers and steroviewers (10 mag glass, 10x illuminated magnifier and stereoviewer) n/a
  Powertran universal battery charger for all sizes of NiMH batteries n/a
Office furniture 3 Laboratory cupboards (dresser type, bookcase type) n/a
  1 Laboratory sink/cupboard n/a
  3 Laboratory cupboards/benchtops n/a
  1 Microscope table n/a
  Bookcases x6 n/a
  2 x Desks - Baltic pine and hardwoods n/a
  LG inverter split system airconditioner model R12AWN (NB10 inside, UB10 outside) sn: 004KATM00033 (inside); 008KAWQ00409 (outside)
  Laboratory stool n/a
  Office swivel chairs (x4) n/a
  Step stool for library n/a
  Security alarm system for lab/office n/a
  Wooden vertical pigeon holes n/a
  Dimplex mobile refrigerative airconditioner model DAC9000 (trans from EcoProTem) sn: 0129795
Reference Professional library (approx 1800 books) n/a
  Micocrosoft Windows (ver 10) and MS Office 365 subscription for all computers n/a
  TNTmips GIS software (transferred to EcoProTem) serial numbers kept with installation disks
  AQQA water chemistry software serial numbers kept with installation disks
  A wide variety of data logging, bore logging, chemistry, graphics, mathematics and taxonomic software packages serial numbers kept with installation disks
Vehicle & camp Mercedes MB 140D 29 Campervan Engine number: 66291110152173 Registration: S825ABB
  Tents, mats, sleeping bags and camp kitchen gear  

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