Revised: 13 April 2006 (reviewed to remove any laboratory items to the Chemical Hygiene Plan)


Assess Safety, Health, Quality and Environmental aspects of each specific step.


Waste management has the dual aims of ensuring the minimisation of waste and the responsible disposition of waste.





Waste minimisation shall apply to resources such as power, mains and rain water and bought-in supplies. In addition, we shall endeavour to reduce the production of wastes (eg analytical residues).


Power wastage is insidious and it requires vigilance to avoid waste.

All lights in the laboratories/office shall be fluorescent unless brighter light is required for safety reasons.

Equipment shall be turned off when not in use.

The main computer is left on because it receives communications and is the network server

Computer monitors shall be Energy Star compliant so that a running computer may enter "sleep" mode. Other computers shall be turned off when not in use.

Waste paper shall be used for scrap notes (on the clean side). Any in excess of this shall be shredded and the material used as mulch in the garden.



Disposition of wastes shall include recycling, reuse and disposition to approved waste receival locations.


Glass for recycling shall be collected in the yellow topped recycling bin, collected fortnightly

Glass may be contaminated with chemicals

Glass shall be rinsed as specified in Chemical Hygiene Plan, prior to disposal

Non-toxic solid waste shall be sorted and placed either in the yellow topped recycling bin or the domestic waste wheelie bin, as appropriate

What can be recycled? Paper cardboard, clean plastic bottles, clean tins

Oily wastes and toxic/contaminated solids (except for chemical wastes) shall be placed in the absorbent filled Oils bin in the shed for disposal to the EPA waste facility in Dry Creek


Chemical wastes shall be handled as prescribed in the Chemical Hygiene Plan


Ink cartridges shall be stored and then disposed of via Officeworks recycling bin.


Batteries shall be stored until sufficient have accumulated for disposal to the EPA waste facility in Dry Creek


Used timber is sorted for reuse, and unsuitable timber donated for firewood.

Plant materials from the gardens and nursery shall be used for mulch or placed in the green waste recycling bin that is collected fornightly.    

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