Hazard Register

Revised: 23 June 2009

All chemicals and products with hazardous properties, which are held in more than 100 mL containers require an MSDS (material safety data sheet). The MSDS for each product shall be stored in the MSDS and Calibration Certificate folder in the laboratory.

Should products not be supplied with an MSDS, most can be obtained using free MSDS services on the internet. The site should also be used to check for the most recent information regarding first aid and emergency action.

Other suppliers also have an MSDS service available: Merck chemicals, and Hach. The “Favorites” menu of Explorer has MSDS links and Manufacturer Links in the section on Chemical Safety.

Products that may be hazardous should be listed below:


Arsenic test reagents (Hach)

Acetic acid

Ammonia buffer

Ammonium cell test reagents (Merck)

BOD seed (Hach)


Buffer solutions for pH calibration

Barium standard

Combicheck 10

Combicheck 20

Combicheck 30

Combicheck 40

Combicheck 50

Combicheck 80

Calcium indicator (glyoxalbis)

Calcium standard

Conductivity standards

Crack set 10 reagents (Merck)



Extran MA03

Formazin turbidity standard


Hydrochloric acid (HCl) 1N

Hydroxylammonium chloride

Hydrogen sulphide test reagents (Merck)

Hydrogen peroxide 30%

Iron test reagents (Merck)

Iodine crystals

Iodine test reagents (Merck)

Lugol’s media

Lead test reagents (Merck)

Methylated spirits

Magnesium standard

Magnesium test reagents (Merck)

Nitrogen (total) test reagents (Merck)

Nitric acid (HNO3) 50-70%

Nitrification inhibitor

Nitrate/nitrite test reagents (Lovibond)

Photocheck colour solutions (Merck)

Phosphate test strip reagents (Merck)

Potassium hydroxide (KOH) 1N


Phosphate test reagents (Lovibond)

Phosphorus test reagents (Merck)

Sulfate test reagents (Merck)

Sodium hypochlorite solution (Bleach) 5%

Sodium acetate

Solochrome black

Sodium sulfite

Sodium sulfate

Sulfuric acid (H2SO4) 1N

Sodium hydroxide pellets

Sodium hydroxide solution 1N

Silicon standard

Total hardness test reagents (Lovibond)

TOC (total organic carbon) test reagents (Merck)

TOC standard


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