Use of Care Room

Issued: 23 February 2008

Revised: 13 February 2011 (list of facilities altered)

The 'care room' is a room set aside for staff with family responsibilities. It also provides a place for staff who are feeling unwell to rest.

The room is furnished with the following items:

In the interests of childrens' and family members' safety, it is a Delta policy that staff are responsible for the care for their own children or other family members who may accompany them to work, even when another staff member is assisting with that care. Delta does not provide a registered child care centre. In South Australia, people providing care for children not members of their family are required to have police clearance.

Staff caring for family may choose to bring additional toys or childcare equipment to work, however the responsibility for ensuring that these items meet child safety requirements remains the parent's.

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