Management Review & Internal Audit Procedure

Revised: 15 April 2014 (audits)

Annually the Management System shall be reviewed to ascertain that it meets our needs. The annual review should include a reveiw (internal audit) of a section of the management system each year.

Who: Senior consultant.

What: The aim of the annual review is to look at how Delta Environmental Consulting does business, from a risk management point of view.

Legislative compliance: Check for changes in relevant legislation - OH&S, environment, etc and for new codes of practice that may impact upon Delta's methods of operating. The OH&S legislative compliance audit form has a range of useful areas to assist in the review. Review all unusual incident reports generated since the last review.

Customer complaints: Examine any customer complaints for common threads that may highlight areas that need changing.

Environmental targets: Update environmental improvement plans to reflect completion of projects and commencement of new projects.

Standards compliance: Review the findings of any internal or client-conducted external audits and ensure appropriate responses have been taken

Chemical use: Review chemicals in the laboratories, to determine whether they are all still required.

Supplier performance: Review supplier list, delete suppliers who do not provide reliable service

Unusual incidents: Any accidents or near-misses?

Business aspects: Details of business improvements, including training, new approaches to doing business etc

Internal audits and reviews: Assess a particular section or sections of the management plan, detail what action resulted (rewrittten instructions etc)

How recorded: Maintain an ongoing diary in Management Review Diary.

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