Delta Environmental Consulting

Ethical Behaviour - Guidelines

Revised: 21 August 2008 (additional resources identified)

Delta Environmental Consulting recognizes that it is important to provide our clients with an unimpeachable standard of personal integrity. Various research organisations have recently developed guidelines for workers in the research field (eg. the CRC for Water Quality & Treatment) and these guidelines are based upon those. Additionally, as a member organisation of the Water Industry Alliance Delta is a signatory to the Code of Ethics and Conduct of that organisation. Delta also notes and endorses, as a comprehensive framework of minimum acceptable standards, the Joint NHMRC/AVCC Statement and Guidelines on Research Practice. This document is available on the Web at
Additional resources relating to ethics, for reference and discussion, are available in the Delta library and include both books and DVD videos relaing to ethics and scientific integrity.

Our Guidelines
We respect the laws of the land.

We conduct ourselves with professionalism and integrity: we are fair, honest and impartial in our dealings, and we treat others with dignity and respect. We give all of our colleagues the care and courtesy that we would wish to receive.

We are aware of possible conflicts of interest: we avoid conflicts of interest when they are avoidable, and we declare conflicts of interest when they are unavoidable.

While we work efficiently and endeavour to further the interests of our clients and the interests of all parties associated with them, we are attentive to the interests of the broader community.

We are aware of obligations to maintain confidentiality of information: we do not use this information for personal or other gain.We ensure that intellectual property is properly protected during our involvement with our clients, as well as observing appropriate business and commercial protocols.

We exercise due skill, care and diligence in performing our duties and acknowledge our responsibility to maintain currency of our knowledge, skills and technical competencies.

We are fair and honest in our relationship with suppliers and purchasers and avoid both the appearance and reality of being influenced by any party, or of being prejudiced or biased in our dealings with third parties and stakeholders.

Acknowledgement is made of the following source used in the preparation of this document:
CRC for Water Quality & Treatment